Revelio, your secret ally against psoriasis

Welcome! You are on the demo website created by the Tubettificio Favia to illustrate the potential of the SmartTube. SmartTube is a smart packaging solution that combines the practicality of aluminium with digital communication. An invisible code is hidden inside the print: just scan the tube, from any angle, with the appropriate StealthCode® free app (available in the official stores) and you will be redirected to exclusive digital content. We have created this website to give you the idea of what these contents could be. To be more effective we have devised a fantasy pharmaceutical product: Revelio, an ointment for psoriasis. The site therefore contains in-depth information on the pathology, a “leaflet” in digital version, videos and other practical tips. What if your product was presented like this? Contact us to learn more or visit Tubettificio Favia.

Psoriasis in numbers

millions of people worldwide suffer from psoriasis


of affected subjects suffers in mild form


of patients follows a pharmacological therapy

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease, widespread and non-contagious, which can be persistent and debilitating. The most common type is plaque psoriasis characterized by red blotches in relief covered with a white / silvery layer of dead skin cells. Psoriasis is caused by excessive growth of skin cells, which develop too quickly and accumulate, causing skin thickening and desquamation; it is often accompanied by irritation and itching.

Trigger factors

It is a multifactorial disease, that is to say a pathological condition to which genetic, environmental and immunological factors contribute. The role of the immune system as a cause of psoriasis is currently one of the main themes of medical research.


Research indicates that in most cases psoriasis is genetic because the incidence of psoriasis is high in relatives of affected people. It is thought to be related to the inheritance of some genes, but it is not yet understood exactly how it happens.


Infections are often among the causes of the development of psoriasis symptoms. Bacteria, particularly Streptococcus, are the most frequently involved pathogens, and are related to Guttata psoriasis, widespread among adolescents.


Some medications, especially lithium, antimalarials and high blood pressure drugs, can trigger psoriasis. Symptoms may also “reappear” when psoriasis medications are discontinued, with symptoms being often severe.


Psychological stress can worsen the condition, and, in some cases, it may even be sufficient to trigger the outbreak of the disease. The link between psoriasis and stress factors (work, emotional, family, etc.) is widely proven.

Psoriasis can also be triggered by external or internal factors such as: skin trauma (scratches, abrasions, burns), smoke and obesity.

Revelio effectively counteracts psoriasis

Revelio Cream acts on the area to be treated, deeply moisturizing the skin. Thanks to its active ingredient, it calms irritation and softens the skin avoiding desquamation and lesions.

Deeply moisturizes the skin

Revelio Cream contains moisturizing factors that allow to hydrate the skin in depth, with a long-lasting moisturizing effect and with constant use it allows to restore the normal levels of cell hydration.

Calming anti-itch action

Thanks to its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties, Revelio relieves the skin and calms the unpleasant itching sensation that leads to scratching, decreasing irritation and reducing the risk of infections.

Tested efficacy

The tests show that the exclusive composition of Revelio allows to reach hydration levels higher than with the most ointments currently on the market; who is using REVELIO can prove its efficacy.

Take it with you everywhere you go

Revelio is contained in a practical and light collapsible aluminium tube that can follow you anywhere: in your pocket, in your bag, in your school backpack or in your sports bag. So, you won’t miss an application either.


Follow our simple instructions to apply Revelio correctly.


For the best efficacy application, squeeze a small amount of cream on the fingertip of the hand and apply it on the area to be treated with small and slow circular movements. Keep a light touch without pressing too hard.


Wait at least 10 minutes before washing the part treated with Revelio, to allow the cream to absorb completely. You will feel a pleasant moisturizing sensation. Revelio absorbs quickly and does not stain clothes.


Apply the cream twice a day or following your doctor’s prescription

Useful Tips

Follow the five tips below to maximize Revelio’s effect.


Drink lots of water, eat fruitS and vegetables. Hydration starts from the inside! Our body is 70% made of water. If you really don’t like water, you can choose herbal teas and infusions, but no sugary drinks, fizzy or soda.


Use non-aggressive soaps and detergents. It is proven that detergents for home surfaces and laundry detergents of industrial origin, created using synthetic chemical ingredients, present widespread and alarming toxicity profiles.


On the part affected by psoriasis, use light and breathable fabrics, possibly made of natural fiber: avoid too tight clothes and rubbing with wool, denim and other materials that can cause irritation. Even some synthetic garments can be irritating.


Whenever you feel the need to scratch yourself, the first thing to do is take your Revelio immediately, pass it on the reddened skin that itches to feel the itching sensation immediately calming down. The instinct to scratch is natural but can produce irritation and spread the infection.


The sun is your friend: you can sunbathe without fear, however, you should not overdo it, it is essential to use solar cream with a high-protection factor. The sun, in fact, dries beyond the skin and it is therefore necessary to compensate with an extra hydration to protect the skin.

Revelio answers

Do you have any question about the product or the pathology? Send us a message and we will respond promptly.